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38mm x 28mm Value Gallery

Exceptional Value Pine Bars
Knotless and finger jointed
Expertly made with care in Europe
Responsibly sourced

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Cheap stretcher bars aren’t necessarily good value; sometimes they are just cheap!

Our new economy stretcher bar offers real value by delivering great quality stretcher bar frames for canvas prints at an unbelievably low price. We've reduced costs by making savings in only the right places meaning you now have a budget stretcher bar option without the frustrations that cheap bars usually bring.  

Made from North European Redwood Pine, these finger-jointed stretcher bars are the real deal with no knots and a precision finish for easy assembly.

How did we do it? The value bars are a little thinner, still measureing 38mm deep (from the wall when hung) but only 28mm wide on the back. This slight change brings down the cost without compromising strength (remember these bars are finger jointed for extra strength). The wedges are also thinner compared to our standard Gallery stretcher bars but we've stuck to wood. If you prefer no compromises, check out our premium gallery stretcher bars for super sized prints (60"+) but otherwise we're confident that this change offers a far superior option than the alternative budget options on the market.

Sourced only from regulated European forests and manufactured in the EU these bars are environmentally and socially responsible and don’t travel half way across the world to reach you, you can sleep easy knowing that and so can your customers. We recommend you tell them!


Key Features


FINGER JOINTED AND KNOT FREE - Longer bars are made from finger jointed material which strengthens the bar and reduces the risk of the bar warping over time. It also means that it is very rare to find knots in these bars. Knots are considered imperfections that can weaken timber so we think for the quality conscious buyer it’s best to avoid them.

REDWOOD PINE - Alternative materials such as Fir Pine, typically imported from China, have the advantage of being cheaper but tend to feel lighter and we find them more prone to cracking or splitting. They’re generally also rougher to touch and might be more difficult to put together which is why we opt for ‘real’ Pine and European manufacturing.

RESPONSIBLY SOURCED - All of the pine we use is sourced (and always has been) from well managed, renewable stock in a country that enforces strict management and employment policies. There are cheaper bars on the market that are imported from China, sometimes the wood is even shipped to China from elesewhere in the world, but our customers can sleep well knowing their stretcher bars don’t cost the earth.

MANUFACTURING QUALITY - Our manufacturers share our commitment to quality so that our customers can enjoy trouble free canvas stretching. They use quality tools and workmanship to produce stretcher bars that are smooth and accurate which means they fit together comfortably but tightly to make the perfect stretched canvas frame. You should expect to use every bar in the box!

WOODEN WEDGES - Enjoy free wooden wedges with every box of our stretcher bars. Plastic wedges are cheaper but they look it too so we’re all wood! With wooden wedges your customers know you haven’t scrimped and unlike plastic wedges they flux with the frame during humidity and temperature changes so it’s not common for wooden wedges to fall out, which can lead to a saggy canvas that can't be re-tensioned.




CROSS BARS - Cross bars are available from 36 inches upwards using a proper integrated slot system with wedges which means the frame can be re-tensioned without removing a fixed cross bar; a nice little bonus for such an economical bar.

Cross bars for our value gallery stretcher bars can be found here





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12" Value Gallery Stretcher Bar (24 Bars)
14" Value Gallery Stretcher Bar (24 Bars)
18" Value Gallery Stretcher Bar (24 Bars)
22" Value Gallery Stretcher Bar (24 Bars)
28" Value Gallery Stretcher Bar (24 Bars)
34" Value Gallery Stretcher Bar (24 Bars)
38" Value Gallery Stretcher Bar (24 Bars)
44" Value Gallery Stretcher Bar (24 Bars)
54" Value Gallery Stretcher Bar (24 Bars)
60" Value Gallery Stretcher Bar (24 Bars)