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The highest quality Gloss or Satin canvas
No varnish required
OBA Free/Archival
Requires photo black ink

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Crystalline is a 440gsm (21mil) aqueous inkjet canvas that comes in both gloss and satin finishes. This high performance giclee canvas should be used with photo black ink and will deliver industry-leading dmax and colour gamut. It is ideal for high-end fine art and photography reproduction and looks incredible straight out of the printer. 

Crystalline Satin inkjet canvas has a subtle gloss level that adds extra depth, density and vibrancy to the image when compared to an uncoated matte canvas such as Lyve inkjet canvas while still maintaining minimal reflection/glare. It might be described as having a similar kind of appearance in that sense to Lyve canvas coated with Timeless Satin print varnish.  

Crystalline Gloss inkjet canvas delivers the most vibrant image quality with the darkest blacks and the 'punchiest' colours. This is achieved by the unique high gloss inkjet receptive coating and can be compared in appearance to Lyve with a good coating of Timeless Gloss print varnish. This is definitely a product to check out - your prints will look incredible. 


Key Features



This canvas offers incredible colour and black density delivering the most outstanding image quality and overall pop without using a laminate. 




This feature is extremely attractive to printmakers who are new to printing canvas and especially to those who prefer to avoid the labour of varnishing their canvas prints but still want a glossy canvas finish. While varnish is not required, longevity can be further extended by laminating (must be sprayed) see ‘recommendations’ below. 




Crystalline Satin and Gloss resists cracking and will not tear when stretched, with or without a coat of varnish. See it for yourself, without any varnish applied, in this Fold Test.




Even without print varnish, Crystalline giclee prints are highly resistant to scratches, scuffing and abrasion, far more so than a regular matte inkjet canvas.



Called "Chromata White", this breakthrough technology has set Breathing Color apart for years. Normally OBA-Free products have a yellowish surface. Our "Chromata White" technology, which we released in 2005, forever changed this by delivering OBA-Free with the desired white surface. This answered the needs of our customers to maximise the longevity of their prints while maintaining the most popular and desired look. Crystalline is almost unique as an OBA-Free bright white glossy canvas.

"Chromata White" gives the end-user the most stable platform on which to print photographs and fine art giclees without the metamerism issues or colour shift issues inherent on other canvases. Optical Brighteners compromise the attainment of true colour, they complicate profiling accuracy, and they inevitably deteriorate and yellow over time. You can read more about OBA's and their long-term effects on inkjet prints.



Lack of water-resistance is a commonly known problem with currently available glossy canvas options. Not anymore. Crystalline canvas delivers an increased level of water-resistance against airborne moisture for increased longevity if you decide not to laminate.




One of the most compelling aspects of Crystalline is its ease of use. Since they require no varnish, Crystalline prints are immediately ready to stretch or mount.With our EasyWrappe and EasyWrappe Pro do-it-yourself gallery wrap system, canvas printing has never been easier.





For printing tips, troubleshooting and additional info download the Crystalline Quick Start Guide




To maximise longevity, Breathing Color recommends applying a print varnish to all aqueous canvas prints. However, Crystalline offers class leading protection against abrasion, moisture and the effects of UV light (because it is OBA free) and therefore is a safer choice for customers that do not want to include lamination in their workflow.

For more info on Crystalline print permanence, please see DETAILS above.

For additional protection you can use our Timeless or Glamour II varnishes by HVLP spray only.

Hand-rolling a water-based print varnish is not recommended and will more than likely lift the ink from your print.




Be sure to use archival glue and apply to the inside edge of the stretcher bars.


With Crystalline, due the additional thickness of the canvas, it is advised that you staple the edges of the canvas to the back of the EasyWrappe bars. This will prevent the canvas from lifting off the edges of the bars.


Please watch our instructional videos for the stapling method when using our EasyWrappe system:

Video: How to use EasyWrappe with the Staple Method (for 1.25")

Video: How to use EasyWrappe Pro with the Staple Method (for 1.75")



If you are new to Breathing Color and would like to test this product, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the inexpensive Trial rolls offered which provide enough product for sufficiently running tests and creating samples. Trial rolls are limited to one per customer per product.


Download Spec Sheet 














Print Permanence Testing


Crystalline has been longevity tested and the results are as follows: When no varnish is applied, Crystalline has a life span of approximately 55 years before deterioration may begin (this is approximately half the life span of our Lyve and Chromata White canvases which are both independently archival certified for 100+ years. When our Timeless print varnish is applied, Crystalline's life span will improve to approximately 75 years before deterioration may begin.

*Note: Actual print stability will vary according to media, printed image, display conditions, light intensity and atmospheric conditions. Breathing Color does not guarantee the longevity of prints. For maximum print life display all prints under glass or lamination or properly store them. All of the descriptive information and recommendations for the use of Breathing Color products should be used only as a guide. Furnishing such information and recommendations shall in no event constitute a warranty of any kind by Breathing Color. All purchasers of Breathing Color products shall independently determine the suitability of the material for the purpose for which it is purchased. Seller’s and manufacturer’s only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective. Neither the seller nor manufacturer shall be liable either in tort or in contract for any loss or damage, direct, incidental or consequential (Including loss of profits or revenue) arising out of the use of or the inability to use the product. No statement or recommendation not contained herein shall have any force or effect unless in agreement signed by officers of seller and manufacturer.


Helpful Videos


Learn how to do a mirror edge for Gallery Wrap prints...



Perfect canvas wraps (by anyone) in no time at all with Easywrappe...



Compatible Inkjet Printers


This Product has been compatibility tested and approved for the following printers.  If you do not see your printer listed below, it does not mean it is not compatible but that we have not tested and approved your printer at this time.  


Epson Stylus Pro Series Printers - Epson R800, Epson R1800*Epson R2400*Epson 2000PEpson 2100Epson 2200,Epson 4000, Epson 4800Epson 4880, Epson 4900, Epson 7500, Epson 7600, Epson 7800Epson 7880, Epson 7890, Epson 7900, Epson 9500, Epson 9600, Epson 9800Epson 9880, Epson 9890, Epson 9900, Epson 10000, Epson 10600,Epson 11880Epson 9880Epson 7880. Using Epson Archival Ink, Epson Ultrachrome Ink (Photo Black and Matte Black), Epson K3 Ink, and Epson Dye Ink. Epson Canvas.  

Roland Hi-Fi Jet Pro & Pro II Series Printers, SolJet Pro II Series (Roland Archival Ink, Eco-Sol Ink, and Max Ink) 

Hewlett-Packard DesignJet Z6100, 
DesignJet Z3100, 30, 90, 5000, 5500, Photosmart 8400, 8750 Series. 

Canon iPF9000Canon iPF8300Canon iPF8000Canon iPF6300, Canon ipf5000, Canon ipf6400, Canon ipf6100, Canon ipf5100, Canon w6400, Canon i990 

Mimaki JV-4, JV2 130, JV22-160

Mutoh RJ46, RJ50, RJ62, RJ64, Falcon II, Toucan LT

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Gloss 24" x 40ft Roll (610mm x 12.2m)
Gloss 36" x 40ft Roll (915mm x 12.2m)
Gloss 44" x 40ft Roll (1118mm x 12.2m)
Gloss A4 Sheets (25)
Satin 17" x 10ft TRIAL (432mm x 3m)
Satin 17" x 40ft Roll (432mm x 12.2m)
Satin 24" x 40ft Roll (610mm x 12.2m)
Satin 36" x 40ft Roll (915mm x 12.2m)
Satin 44" x 40ft Roll (1118mm x 12.2m)
Satin A4 Sheets (25)