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Glamour 2

Archival print varnish
Matte & gloss finishes
Protects canvas & fine art papers
Great for extra large prints

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Glamour II Veneer (giclee varnish) is an award-winning and proprietary canvas varnish and has been developed to protect, preserve and enhance fine art and photographic prints produced on digital inkjet printers. This non-yellowing, water based canvas varnish is a perfect solution for easy inkjet print finishing. Glamour II will enhance the colour of pigmented and ultrachrome inks on matte media and increase resistance to image fading. It will protect your expensive images against moisture and abrasion.


Glamour II Veneer giclee varnish has been specifically developed as a water-based product to avoid the unpleasant and hazardous fumes given off by solvent based products. 




Is it necessary to laminate canvas prints? We sat down with Breathing Color President Nick Friend and Vice President Adam Hill to answer this complex question  Listen






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If you would like to spray coat your prints using an HVLP system (high volume low pressure), we recommend the Fuji 2903-XPC Mini-Mite 3 HVLP Spray System

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Other Product Information


Glamour II is a popular water based liquid laminate used for coating inkjet canvas which we have been selling successfully since 2005. Unlike the newer Timeless laminate, Glamour II requires dilution (with distilled water) and should be applied generously in order that it self levels. For ease of use we are recommending that new customers try Timeless which is an easier product for most to get to grips with and can be used straight from the tub. Timeless laminate is also faster drying which aids productivity and reduces the risk of debris landing and sticking to the print.


Glamour II Veneer is available in Gloss and Matte finishes. Furthermore, Gloss and Matte can be mixed together, enabling you to creatively produce your own custom look.


*Glamour II Veneer is also commonly used as a very effective mounting adhesive.


Inkjet canvas may be susceptible to a degree of shrinkage when using a water based laminate due to the natural contraction of the fibres. This is typical of all water based laminates including Glamour II. The extent of shrinkage varies between canvas products and is usually more significant with 100% cotton canvas, which is one of the many reasons Breathing Color and many leading printmakers favour a poly/cotton inkjet canvas such as the Lyve canvas. In most cases the degree of shrinkage can be measured and factored into the print process.


Application tips


Always heat the water before you mix with Glamour II Coating. Put a cup of distilled water in the microwave for 8-10 seconds, then mix. This will make mixing easier and allow Glamour 2 to be applied more evenly and effortlessly. Do not apply any pressure with the foam roller. Only use the weight of the roller to spread around the coating. Pressure will cause streaks and lines that are impossible to get out. It will also cause air to pass through the foam roller and inject into the coating, creating air bubbles. The canvas is so thirsty that it will pull the coating into the weave, by itself. Be VERY generous with the coating. Your print should look like you have spilled a glass of water on it. Do not spend too much time coating. Quickly spread the coating around the print, making sure there is a lot of coating touching every area; then walk away. THE PRINT WILL NOT LOOK PERFECT WHEN YOU WALK AWAY. Do not try to make the print look perfect or even while it is still wet. There are levelling agents in the coating that will even the coating while drying.


When rolling, dilute no more than 30% with distilled water. You may experiment with using less water, but never use more. Water is only a vehicle to allow the coating to spread around quickly and easily. As a general rule, the less water, the better


When spraying, dilute no more than 50% with distilled water. Depending upon your HVLP gun, you may be able to dilute only 30% with distilled water, which would be ideal. Only use an HVLP gravity feed gun when spraying. Spray the prints flat, or at a 30 degree angle. Spray one heavy coat first, then about 30-45 minutes later, spray a thinner coat.




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