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Great way to display paper prints
Float frame effect
Easy to do - no tools
Available in black or white

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£7.20 ea
Sizes & Prices


The Pavox is a really easy and appealing way to display and offer prints on paper. 

All you have to do is mount your print to the adhesive MDF Board, and attach it to the ready-made frame. 

It only takes a couple of minutes to complete! No special tools or equipment required.

Each Pavox comes with the ready-made frame, and the MDF board.

Please note that this is a clearance product, we have reasonable numbers but they won't last forever. Take advantage of these prices while you can. 

Prices shown exclude VATPriceQty
Pavox BLACK 8" x 10"
Pavox BLACK 8" x 12"
Pavox BLACK 12" x 16"
Pavox WHITE 8" x 10"
Pavox WHITE 8" x 12"
Pavox WHITE 12" x 16"
Pavox WHITE 16" x 20"