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Great way to display paper prints
Float frame effect
Easy to do - no tools
Available in black or white

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£8.40 ea
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The Pavox is a really easy and appealing way to display and offer prints on paper. 

All you have to do is mount your print to the MDF Board (using a suitable glue or standard face-mounting) and attach it to the ready-made frame. 

It only takes a couple of minutes to complete! No special tools or equipment required.

Each Pavox comes with the ready-made frame, and the MDF board. Measures 40mm deep.

Please note that this is a clearance product, we have reasonable numbers but they won't last forever. Take advantage of these prices while you can. 

Prices shown exclude VATPriceQty
Pavox BLACK 8" x 12"
Pavox WHITE 8" x 12"
Pavox WHITE 12" x 16"
Pavox WHITE 16" x 20"