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Quartz Film Laminate

Clear polyester 4 mil film (PET)
Solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
Amazing depth and crisp detail
Added protection for Allure Fine Art Metal
Available in High Gloss, Matte and Luster

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Breathing Color's Quartz Laminate Film for use with Allure Photo Panels.

Use your Epson printer to print directly to Allure and then apply Quartz to deliver a tough protective layer and to achieve your preferred finish, be it gloss, matte or luster.

After extensive testing Breathing Color have released Quartz with a nice thick laminate film and pressure sensitive adhesive. Whichever finish you prefer we’re sure you’ll love the quality of your Allure metal prints with the Quartz laminate applied.


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Quartz Laminate Film - Matte 25.5" x 54ft