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Roller Kit 9"

Varnish like a pro
Large 9" foam for large or small prints
High quality, high density foam
Use with Timeless or Glamour II

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We've taken a lot of steps to make the varnishing process easier for our customers. Our efforts began when we developed our Timeless Print Varnish, which has quickly become one of the most popular canvas varnishes today. Timeless continues to win the hearts and minds of artists and photographers because it looks incredible on prints and it is much easier to use than traditional varnishes.

Still, many of our customers use a hand roller to varnish their prints and hand rolling comes with its own challenges (even with a more user-friendly varnish). For example, it can be easy to leave streaks or bubbles on prints and can be difficult to varnish larger sized prints. In usual Breathing Color fashion, this inspired us to create the perfect hand roller for varnishing fine art prints to compliment our Timeless Print Varnish. So we created the Timeless Roller, which is all about making production easier for you.

*The Timeless Roller Kit includes one 9" foam roller, handle & tray.


Key Features


USE LESS VARNISH - The Timeless Roller has a low absorption foam and there's also less foam to absorb varnish. This means you will save money by using less. You will also waste less during cleanup.

VARNISH FASTER - The larger the roller is, the more area you can cover with each pass and the faster you will finish. The Timeless Roller is 9" wide and 2″ thick, giving you a wider surface area to maximise your coverage.

VARNISH LARGER PRINTS - Varnishing large prints without leaving streaks can be extremely difficult with most foam rollers. Not anymore. With the new Timeless Roller, varnishing large prints just got a lot easier. Try attaching a long handle for additional reach. 

LESS STREAKS - The ends of this roller are flat, not rounded which is better suited for Timeless. Rounded ends tend to build up varnish during the coating process and may lead to streaks.

VARNISH CLEANER - The Timeless roller has a super-fine foam that applies a lint-free, sprayed-like finish.

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Roller Foam Kit (9" Foam, tray & handle)
Roller Replacements 9" Foam (5)